Intelligence Agencies Creating False Targets Internally Justifying Security

Owning a think fish tank is quite an interesting profession, and I don’t ponder over it for myself a profession because I am retired from a more dynamic industry in my opinion. Previously, I was a franchisor, setting up franchised outlets in over 1 states. Still, it is nice to be privy to interesting information, and along the way of the learning ability Black Cube industry too, and what a big industry it is. Recently it’s been called The Learning ability Industrial Complex, and apparently that title fits.

In any case, I’ve noted that we are sharing learning ability globally with other nations. Today these nations may be our friends, in the future they may not be. Nevertheless they will have collected lots of information on People in america. That information is being accessed by foreign learning ability agencies, some of which may have been infiltrated by spies from rogue nation-states. Now then, it’s not that they cannot find lots of information about Americans, as they open and freely post their personal vital signs on places like Facebook, however it must be a problem to all of us.

Further, owning a think fish tank is interesting, because I note often enough, people contact your online business who are not exactly what they claim to be, or using false identities to get information. Even small bits and pieces of information can be pieces to a problem, and of value to foreign spies, corporate industrial espionage agents, and/or those who are very much against American capitalism, along with the freedom, liberty, and pursuit of happiness that we allow our own citizens.

They don’t want that in their country, they want to control their people, for if they don’t the people may have it off with their heads, and they are aware of those potential scenarios and consequences depending on history. Now then here’s a real problem, a foreign nation has information on People in america in high-power, and accountable for important projects. That information is accessed by double agents and spies from rogue nations. Then those rogue nations and their spies, which are being followed by our CIA contact the individuals, contact these good Americans to get information..

The CIA then notes that someone from the united states is in contact with the spy from another country, therefore puts them on a watch list. Then someone from the CIA or another US learning ability agency tries to integrate the groups, businesses, and activities of the US citizen who might potentially be severely sacrificed in the future, not being totally sure who side that US citizen is on. Therefore our learning ability agencies are inadvertently creating false targets to internally vindicate additional security.

The more information they learn about foreign spies, and who those spies are talking to in our country, or rather trying to talk to, the more people we end up putting on watch lists who were decent, honest, and unbreakable People in america : and as the list grows bigger and bigger those learning ability agencies desire a greater budget all the while counselling their current security programs. This is become somewhat of a challenge, and it’s too bad we don’t give our People in america more good thing about the doubt, and if we know of foreign spies, maybe it’s time to get rid of them, before attempting to label an American citizen as a spy, or a potential threat.

Now then, I’m not criticizing anyone or any policy here because our nation is a great nation, we have a lot going for us, and we must protect all we are and all we’ve built. That is absolutely paramount, nevertheless how we go about that is equally important to maintaining our the law as citizens, and the freedom, liberty, and pursuit of happiness we claim as our foundational mission statement.

Otherwise, we don’t have anything worth protecting. Do you see that point? Indeed I hope you will please consider all this on a purely philosophical level, without shooting the messenger, or jumping to final thoughts or taking sides.

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