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MBBS in Ukraine for Indian students

Mbbs in Ukraine attracts a large number of Indian students every year. More than half of them enter medical specialties and this is not surprising, because the quality of Ukrainian education is at the European level and highly valued in the world. Moreover, its cost is very low compared to European and Indian education institutions. Therefore, after receiving a diploma from a Ukrainian medical university and being a highly qualified specialist, you can easily continue your studies, apply for a job and return to India or other countries.

Advantages of study in Ukraine for Indian students

    Facts about MBBS in Ukraine for Indian students

    — No IELTS or TOEFL;

    — Simplified admission procedure: one entrance exam (oral or written);

    — You can apply for admission twice a year;

    — Duration of study 5-6 years depending on the chosen direction:

    «Dentistry» — 5 years

    «Medicine» — 6 years

    «Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy» — 5 years;

    — Language of instruction is Ukrainian or English;

    — Cost from $ 3000 to $ 4700 for one academic year (course). It depends on the educational institution you choose, specialty and language of instruction. To find out all the details about a particular university, order a consultation from our specialist;

    — The only official language in a country is Ukrainian;

    — Currency — hryvnia, 1 hryvnia ~ 2.30 rupees;

    — The cost of living depends on the chosen city. Living in the capital is much more expensive than in other large cities. In general, you should expect at least $ 250 per month;

    — There are private and state educational institutions, but our agency cooperates only with state ones;

    — There are no age restrictions for admission;

    — In India you must pass a test to confirm a Ukrainian diploma;

    — Climate: up to +35 in summer, up to 15 in winter;

    — Top 3 medical universities: Bogomolets National Medical University, Vinnitsa National Medical University, Lviv Danylo Halytsky Medical University;

    — Preparatory year: 6-10 months; cost ~ $ 1200.

    MBBS in Ukraine eligibility for indian students

    1. The document on the previously obtained educational and qualification level;
    2. Passed entrance exam in Ukraine (oral or written depending on the university you choose).

    Such eligibility for Indian students allows Indian citizens to enter universities. It should be noted that entrance examinations there may differ in format, so you must clearly define which institution you want to enter and prepare for an interview. Our team helps you choose your alma mater and informs you about the features of its examination. In addition, we provide you with the specific requirements and a list of topics that you have to learn in order to successfully pass the entrance exam.

    Is MBBS from Ukraine valid in India?

    Yes, the diploma you receive after completing your bachelor’s degree is valid in India. You can work in any country in the world, as the Ukrainian diploma is recognized everywhere.

    However, in some countries the procedure for legalizing a diploma is simplified, while in others you need to prove your knowledge. India is one of those countries where, after receiving a Ukrainian diploma, students can practice medicine only after passing the MCI screening test. This test contains 300 questions that aim to check the acquired knowledge. To submit, you must answer 50% of the questions correctly.

    Therefore, students who plan to return to India must be prepared to take this test. But statistics show that graduates from Ukraine pass this test much better than those who graduate from institutions in Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries. Which shows once again that the quality of education in this country is very high.

    List of required documents for admission to study MBBS in Ukraine for Indian students

    1. Application (is drawn up on a special form when submitting documents to the selection committee);
    2. Document on the previously obtained educational level (the original and its 2 copies);
    3. Appendix to the document on the previously obtained educational level (if available), (the original and its 2 copies);
    4. Two copies of the passport or the document certifying the stateless person (the original is presented);
    5. Medical certificate of health, certified by the official health authority of the country from which the foreigner came (issued 2 months before entrance) or a certificate issued by a Ukrainian health care institution;
    6. Health insurance policy (for the entire period of study);
    7. 8 photos measuring 30 x 40 mm;
    8. Invitation to study;
    9. Certificate of graduation from the preparatory faculty (department) and / or a copy of the order on expulsion from the preparatory faculty of a higher education institution of Ukraine for foreigners and stateless persons.

    As you can see, this place is one of the most attractive to study mbbs for Indian students, due to the low cost of education and simplified admission procedure. You get a quality education, valuable knowledge and experience of communication in an intercultural environment. 

    Documents required to receive an invitation to study

    1. Application (special sample);
    2. A copy of the passport (first page) with a notarized translation into Ukrainian;
    3. A copy of the document on previously acquired education also with a notarized translation;
    4. A copy of the assessment letter (supplement to the diploma or certificate) with a notarized translation;
    5. Written consent to data processing;
    6. Power of attorney (if the citizen does not submit the documents himself) with a notarized translation and a copy of the passport of the authorized person.

    If you contact us, you don’t need to collect all this yourself, we will tell you what papers are needed for a particular stage and we will do everything instead of you. We also help with the preparation process and with obtaining a visa. You simply won’t have any worries if you entrust it to us. After all, we are the only specialists in this country who help to do everything from A to Z and advise you 24/7.


    Steps to admission to MBBS in Ukraine for indian students

    1. Choose the university and specialty;
    2. Carefully learn the information about the chosen university. Our specialist will provide you with all details, the cost of living in a certain city and the conditions of admission;
    3. Collect the package of documents required to receive an invitation to study from the university and a visa D;
    4. Submit documents and receive an invitation.
    5. Apply for a D visa at the Ukrainian Visa Application Center in India. Get a visa.
    6. Come here and pass the entrance examinations; 

    Frequently asked questions

    Yes, you must pass an entrance exam, which usually takes the form of an interview. Pay attention: when entering the study in Ukraine IELTS or TOEFL is not required.

    Rarely, a low score on an entrance exam or poor English may be the reasons for refusal.

    No, you have to pay separately for accommodation, but universities provide dormitories that are very affordable.

    Yes, for the period of study you must obtain a residence permit as your basis for staying in the country.

    No, our staff will meet you right there and if there are any misunderstandings, we will help explain that you have a 100% right to cross the border.

    Yes, our hospitals are full of interns from different countries. 

    Yes, it is easy to find and we can help with that. Very often our clients work in delivery services or as freelancers. In fact, we have a lot of informal work, that is, you can start it at least tomorrow without any formalities. At the same time, our salary level is quite high.