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Ukraine residence permit
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Ukraine residence permit


Only with us you can easily and inexpensively immigrate to Ukraine, having the confidence that you will not have any worries in the future. Contacting us for this service you receive the following benefits:

○  Indian manager

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    Ukraine residence permit

    Most developed countries have high demands on emigrants. Ukraine is one of the countries that allows foreigners to get residency simply and quickly. At the moment this is possible, as the country has just begun to develop and is open to foreign guests. Very often freelancers try to immigrate to Ukraine, which attracts them with low prices and lack of strict tax control. But most of them do not even understand what immigration is.

    Immigration — it`s the acquisition of the right to temporarily or permanently reside on its territory. This means that you must obtain a document called the Ukraine residence permit. Very often, people think that just getting a visa is enough to immigrate, but this is wrong. During immigration, a visa is issued only to arrive in the state and submit all necessary documents. In this article we will tell you in detail how to move to live in Ukraine and to become its resident.

    Types of residence permit for Ukraine

    Depending on the grounds and period of stay on the territory of state, there are two types:

    Temporary residence permit (TRP)

    1. issued after obtaining of visa D;
    2. for a period of 1-3 years;
    3. provides the majority of rights that Ukrainians are endowed with;
    4. can be obtained in a very short time (1-2 months)
    5. most often issued on the basis of:
    • invitation to study;
    • availability of your relatives’ residence permit in Ukraine;
    • company registration on your behalf;
    • marriage to a Ukrainian.

    Permanent residence permit (PRP)

    issued after obtaining a D visa and immigration permit;

    • for a period of 10 years
    • provides almost all the rights that Ukrainians have;
    • can be obtained for a long time (4-12 months);
    • most often issued on the basis of:

    family ties with a Ukrainian or an immigrant who has received a permanent residence permit for Ukraine;

    Ukraine residence permit for Indians

    Indian citizens migrate to Ukraine in 3 ways:

    1. Most often on the basis of an invitation to study. It is not difficult to get an invitation, but to get a TRP you need to enroll. It is valid for the period of study (for 5-6 years).
    2. Indians who are not going to study have the opportunity to get a TRP for 3 years by registering a Ukrainian company. This is the most reliable and guaranteed way, when we register a company on behalf of an Indian citizen and then receive a work permit for him to employ him as a director of that company. Such a permission is the basis for obtaining a residence permit for 3 years with the possibility of extending the period of stay in the country an unlimited number of times. This method is the most popular, because in this case the director is not required to pay taxes for himself as an employee and gets the opportunity to live in the country for free.
    3. The third way is to obtain a permanent residence permit. In fact, there is only one way to get it — marriage to a Ukrainian. Such cases are very rare among Indian immigrants.

    Why get a residence permit in Ukraine

    In order to legally reside in a certain country, a foreigner must have a permission from the state for a specified period. Obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine is mandatory if:

    1. You are going to stay in a country for more than 3 months;
    2. You want to leave the territory of country and then return;
    3. You need to study there;
    4. You are going to get a Shengen visa from there;
    5. You want to buy real estate there;
    6. You plan to get ukrainian citizenship;
    7. You need other rights that Ukrainians have.

    Privileges of obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine for Indian freelancers.

    Self-employed foreigners who can work from any place in the world can arrange a carefree life in our country. Ukrainian legislation allows for IT professionals to obtain a TRP for 3 years. To do this, we make Indian clients the founders of IT companies. This allows you to get all the necessary papers without any taxation in the future.

    Is it possible to extend your residence permit in Ukraine?

    We extend the validity of the work permit in your IT company for three years, which gives the opportunity to get a new TRP. In this way you can live here permanently without any problems with the law.

    How to get Ukraine citizenship?

    If you consider Ukraine as a place where you’re going to live for a long time and become its citizen, then we have to disappoint you. Getting citizenship is really difficult and requires:

    1. Obtain an immigration permit and PRP;
    2. Register your address;
    3. Live in Ukraine for at least 5 years on a permanent basis, ie not to leave its territory for more than 180 days;
    4. Learn the Ukrainian language;
    5. Terminate your current citizenship;
    6. Have a steady income sufficient for living.

    How do we work?

    1. We provide a free consultation and decide which way is most optimal for you;
    2. You send us the necessary documents by mail;
    3. We make a power of attorney, thanks to which we will represent you in Ukraine without your participation;
    4. We will send you this power of attorney, which you must take to the embassy for legalization;
    5. Then you send it to us by delivery and we start providing the service;
    6. After receiving the invitation, we send it to you so that you can apply for a visa;
    7. Then you fly to us and here we complete the procedure.

    What opportunities does Ukraine residence permit provide?

    It should be noted that according to Ukrainian law, foreigners who have received a PRP are equal in their rights to Ukrainians. Among them are the rights to:

    • education;
    • get Ukrainian citizenship;
    • employment without additional permissions;
    • pension provision, etc.;
    • banking services;
    • free import of a personal car;
    • become a citizen of Ukraine;
    • obtain a Schengen visa.

    By contacting our agency, you get the opportunity to obtain not only a residency, but also all other documents, without which your stay in our country will be illegal. Our agency provides you with registration of your address, which is a mandatory stage of immigration. We also provide tax assistance to our clients to make their lives in Ukraine as comfortable as possible.