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Ukraine visa for Indians

Ukraine visa for Indian citizens


Indian citizens can apply for any type of visa in a few days with us. We create the necessary grounds in Ukraine, and submit all documents online so that you can be guaranteed to receive a visa at the embassy. Contacting us for this service you receive the following benefits:

○  Indian manager

○  Fast legal grounds 

○  Health insurance policy

○ Delivery to India

○ Online visa application

○ Meeting at the airport

    Ukraine visa for Indian citizens

    Many Indians have a huge interest in Ukraine, which is growing steadily due to the annual increase in the population of local Indian immigrants, who are now the largest group of foreigners in Ukraine. Despite this demand, few people understand why they need a visa, what kind of document they need and what opportunities it provides. That is why our team, which consists of both Ukrainian and Indian experts, will tell you how and why to get Ukraine visa for Indians.

    Is it necessary to obtain a Ukraine visa for Indian passport holders?

    All Indians must obtain a visa to enter Ukraine. This also applies to persons who have invitations to study, to work or any other. You should be aware that invitations or work permits are issued only to submit them to the consulate or VFS in order to get a visa.

    What are the types of visas to Ukraine?

    There are three types depending on the purpose of entry:

    Transit (B) — you get it to travel through the territory of our country to another state for up to one year, with travel not exceeding 5 days;

    Short-term (C) — for entry into a country for no more than 3 month days for half a year. You are able to get it on the basis of an invitation from a Ukrainian or a company.

    Long-term (D)you get it to apply for a permanent or temporary residence permit for a period more than 3 month. It can be obtained if you have one of the following documents:

    • work permit;
    • immigration permit;
    • invitation to study;
    • other invitations (from religious organizations, government agencies, etc.);
    • marriage certificate with Ukrainian;
    • document on family ties with a person who has received a temporary residence permit in Ukraine;
    • document stating that you are the founder or member of the Ukrainian company;

    E-visa — the only type which is issued remotely online, i.e. without a visit to the visa center. It allows you to stay in the country for up to 30 days based on:

    • invitation:
    • of a Ukrainian;
    • of a Ukrainian company;
    • of a healthcare facility;
    • tourist service agreement;
    • document on the right of ownership of real estate in Ukraine;
    • document confirming that you are a husband, wife, father, mother, child of a Ukrainian.

    Our agency provides any of the services listed above in the shortest possible time.

    Ukraine visa requirements for Indian citizens

    In order to avoid rejections following the submission of documents, all requirements for them must be strictly observed. After all, most refusals are based on mistakes in the application or insufficient number of submitted papers. So in order to comply with all Ukraine visa requirements for Indian citizens, you need to collect the following package:

    • Valid passport of India;
    • completed and signed application form;
    • one color photo measuring 35 x 45 millimeters;
    • 10 fingerprints of both hands and face photography (from January 1, 2022);
    • health insurance policy with coverage of costs of at least 30,000 euros;
    • bank statement on the availability of sufficient financial security;
    • receipt of payment of the consular fee.

    How to obtain a Ukraine visa: from India or from Ukraine?

    People often ask where it is better to apply for a visa. In India this service is very popular but people misunderstand who can really provide it. In fact, it is impossible to provide a whole service just by working in India without receiving certain documents in Ukraine.


    Neither you personally nor anyone in your country can make grounds for you to get a Ukraine visa from India. Only Ukrainian lawyers are able to obtain it directly from their country. In many cases, companies from India have lawyers from our country, so many of them offer true services. But why need you contact us through someone if you can do it directly? By the way, you have the opportunity to apply in India yourself after consulting with our lawyer on how to do it. Therefore, it makes no sense to go to specialists in your country and pay them money.

    The visa process is as follows:

    1. Creating grounds (work permit, invitation, etc.). This stage is carried out only in Ukraine;
    2. Online submission of the application form to the Ukrainian Embassy in India or to the VFS;
    3. Preparation and submission of documents during a visit to the embassy;
    4. Waiting for the result of the submission within 10 days.

    Ukraine visa on arrival for Indian citizens 2021

    Please note that despite the significant amount of incorrect information in the network, it is impossible to get a visa on arrival for Indian citizens. It is thus issued only in exceptional situations in case of emergencies. If you want to fly to Ukraine, you need to get it only in India.

    Ukraine visa fees for Indian citizens

    Indian citizens must pay a consular fee of 65 USD for type B, C and D visas, and 130 USD if you need a fast procedure. But don’t think this is all the cost you have to spend for this.

    You also need to buy a health insurance policy, the cost of which varies depending on the length of your planned stay in our country. For example, if the visa is for 90 days, the insurance costs about 17 USD. Lawyers of our agency will insure you in a few minutes.

    How do we work?

    1. We provide you with an online consultation and determine the most advantageous package for youYou send us a photo or scan of all pages of the passport;
    2. We create for you all the necessary grounds for obtaining a Ukraine visa for Indian;
    3. We send you documents by international delivery;
    4. We pre-register the application form online and book a visit to the embassy for you;
    5. After receiving a visa and arriving at the Ukrainian airport, we meet you at the checkpoint.

    Frequently asked questions

    Our agency guarantees a visa. Due to the fact that we create only legal grounds for obtaining documents and constantly ensure that you fully comply with all requirements of Ukrainian law during application, you never face any refusals and unjustified delays.

    Yes, such situations often occur when Indians are coming here for the first time and they are not provided with a host party, i.e. they are not accompanied by a Ukrainian who can take responsibility for them.

    You need to contact only Ukrainian specialists, because only they have the ability to organize the right procedure from A to Z. In order to avoid problems at the border, first of all you must have papers that are obtained only in Ukraine. They must contain your details. If you are coming for the first time, you should be met by someone. Why is this necessary? The border service must make sure that someone takes financial responsibility for you.

    Our agency is ready to offer you such help. At the same time, we are ready to provide a Hindi translator in case you don`t speak English well. This allows border guards to understand the purpose of your entry correctly and not look suspicious in front of them.

    No, it’s not. A visit is always required. But we can make your life easier and conduct a part of the application online. 

    In fact, it is very easy to get the “green light” for Ukraine. The reason for frequent refusals is that Indians often turn to people who make mistakes when filling out papers and don’t quite understand what documents need to be submitted. That is, if you don’t make mistakes in the formalities, then everything has to be fine.

    If you don’t have a host party in Ukraine and you fly there for the first time, you won’t be allowed to pass without questioning by border guards. Contact us and we will provide you with such a person.

    Yes, it’s true. The law allows them to easily get a permit for 3 years. However, this is not a cheap procedure, and it is performed in 1-2 months. Also, IT professionals can easily extend the term of such permission after its expiration.